Bayonet Frogs

This Site contains information on my reproduction leather bayonet frogs. My hand made bayonet frogs are made using supple oil tanned harness leather and are hand cut, dyed , oiled, finished and hand stitched, using 3 cord waxed linen thread. Hardware is solid nickel or brass where appropriate, producing what I feel are the most realistic possible reproduction bayonet frogs. All frogs can be dyed either light brown, medium brown, dark brown, or black.

The patterns I use are created either from originals, pictures and measurements of originals, or the scale drawings from the late Anthony Carter's excellent book "Bayonet Belt Frogs". Special thanks to Belgian collector Rik Desmet, British collector Jeff Hayes and U.S. collectors Jim Maddox and Jack Attias for the help they have given me in making up patterns from scarce original frogs.

The frogs are grouped by country in the menu on the left to make it easy for you to find the correct style frog for your bayonet. If you are not sure which frog is appropriate for your bayonet, email me and I will help you find the correct frog. If you do not see the frog you desire listed, email me and we will work together to make up a pattern. I currently have over one hundred patterns and am constantly adding new frogs as they are required. The site will be updated as new patterns are added.

If you would like to see comments on the quality and workmanship of my frogs you can check my feedback from collectors under the Ebay ID shaman15 . The feedback is 100% positive and all collectors very pleased with several hundred transactions.

If you are interested in the construction process of these frogs, here is a link with step by step photos of a frog being made. Construction

If you are not sure what bayonet you have, check out Carl Ziegler's excellent site on bayonets